Call for Applications: Summer 2022 Graduate Student Fellowships

Once again, we invite UConn graduate students to apply for summer fellowships for 2022. Students across all fields whose research has a primary focus on gender identity are eligible. For 2022, the Wood/Raith Living Trust will award 12 graduate stipends at a maximum of $4,000 each.

Students applying for this fellowship support should note that they are writing for an interdisciplinary audience. In your application, please provide the following:

1) An opening 100-word paragraph that contextualizes past teaching, research, and service activities that are gender-related.

2) Edited 2-page maximum CV, including primarily gender-related activities that pertain to teaching, research, service, and funding (both internal and external).

3) 325-word summary of specific gender identity research projects, including:

a) a concise overview of the project, providing details to orient the reader to relevant research questions, argument/theory that informs the work, approaches/methods used, and the work’s importance,

b) planned accomplishments during the grant period, and

c) a clear statement of significance to the study of gender identity outlined for the period (summer 2022).

4) 75-word summary of the importance of the funding in accomplishing the goals, highlighting estimated research and living costs, as well as other anticipated summer support (including amount and source).


All application materials must be appended into one pdf document and submitted via the Application Form tab on this web page. Submission deadline is 5:00 pm on April 27, 2022.